About Blossom Healing

crystal, rock crystal, mineral

Blossom Healing bloomed out of the idea that I no longer needed to hide my magic and gifts of translating what my client’s higher self and souls were calling them to address.

About Natalie

For 10 years I’ve been trained as a Kinesiologist through the Australian Collage of Complementary Medicine. Though long before that term was given to me, I was an energy & light worker, today it’s hard to give myself a title as it’s such a beautiful combination of all the magic I’ve pick up over the years.

If you feel like your higher self is calling you to address something and you need some assistance translating that, reach out to Natalie.

My Passion

In another lifetime I worked in childcare; working with children has always been a passion of mine, and I knew when I became a kinesiologist I wanted to continue down that path. I have found that over the years I have been able to develop some great techniques for our smaller humans that aid in healing and growth processes.

My Dreams

My dream is for children to have the opportunity to form a really solid foundation in self love and open communication. When children start out with these tools, it then filters out into the family and the wider community.